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So much talent out there in this world   :565:


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If I remember right they came second, good act.

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One not funny but impressing:

It's from the Swedish version of Talent.

He is one of the refugues, who went to Sweden, running from the Chile military junta dictators. He is one of them I assisted some to assimilate to live in Sweden. (A big part of them moved back to Chile, when the dictatorship ended, but he is among them who stayed and work in Sweden.) He bought my old car  :)  and I hired him to assist me with the move I made to where I live now. I just knew he sing and play guitar ballad style at immigrant parties. A very quiet and nice man.


Parts translated from the video (He is very nervous):

-What are you doing?

-I work as an assistant nurse in the province hospital.

-I ment - what are you performing with?

-Oh. I sing.

-Have you performed before?

-Yes, in nursing homes in the province...


He wonn the whole competition. Then it became quiet about him!


One year later he told TV why:

He had very serious cancer, big risk he wouldn't survive. His kid daughter knew one of his bigest wishes was to sing at a big scene before he die, so she registered him to the Talent competition without asking him, but told him when she had send the application allready.

At the audition he was very nervous, but became very happy just by singing there.

One year after he had wonn Talent, he have had succesful surgery of his cancer and recorded a music CD too during the recovery period...

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