Olongapo City Flooding

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Here is a video of the flooding last Monday September 23rd.  This is the area around the Victory liner terminal.  I first went down into Olongapo on Tuesday (see picture of boat on the street in another post, here:  http://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/17237-what-is-wrong-with-this-picture/) but I did not go to the area in this video until Wednesday.  Lots of mud and trash piles.  They have done a good job of getting it cleaned up but many side streets are still very muddy today.


When we went to this area on Wednesday, we had heard  that the water got very high, but we did not see any high water marks on the buildings.  Maybe they scrubbed those first?


If you look at the boat picture, that street (closer to SM and SBFZ) is spotless and it does not look like it was ever flooded.





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i am bob

I loved the guy at the end of the video... Water up to his arm pits and he's got his umbrella to keep his head dry... :)

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