Us Embassy Manila - October 2013 Newsletter

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Tukaram (Tim)

I get regular emails from the embassy.  Most of them are silly travel warnings.  (everyone, everywhere, wants to kill us you know)  But every once in a while they send out some interesting tidbits.


In addition to the pdf version they also sent a pub version.  So I can open a fully editable document in Microsoft Publisher.  I was going to make me the newly appointed consul, and post it here... but once the NSA site comes back online I might find they have no sense of humour... 


.... here is the October newsletter.  It has some information, and links, for tax payers with international filing requirements, absentee voting, the new 30 day tourist visa etc. 


October 2013 ACS newsletter.pdf




Here is the link for the June Newsletter   It is the latest they have posted on their website so far.  I think the October one has better info though  :tiphat:


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