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JGF, perhaps this could be pinned after editing my text?


Mike S. posted as video of Alfred Lehnert, who runs the Foreign Assistance Center.  I watched a few of his videos on You Tube and looked at his website briefly.  I searched and found Dave Hounddriver had posted a link to the website way back in 2011, and I thought it would be good to bring it up again.


Alfred iseems to know his stuff and now has many legal and government contacts.  He would be a good man to have on your side, in case of troubles.


Tel: + 63 2 57 999 53 ( Manila 57 999 53 )


English website:




German website:




Watch some of his videos on You Tube here:







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Mr Alfred Lehnert is very good and helpful in seeking advice. he does not B...Sh..t around

as he gets straight to the issue at hand..

any expat who has a problem or has a "gut feeling"something is not right with their status

or personal issues that could affect their stay should contact him. ASAP


rarely do I promote or endorse this service(FAC) is one that I can feel 100% positive


Mr Alfred Lehnert has the experience to help anyone if they will follow his suggestions/advice to the "letter"

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I contacted him a few years back in regards to Kevin Taylor who is locked up in San Mateo..

Not only did I find him un helpful,I found his attitude to how I was going to provide funds of well over 1/2 million PHP (cant remember exact figure) Pesos quite offensive.

Waste of time although your mileage may vary somewhat.

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