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How I deal with this is first date, meeting, eating frenzy, what ever, I accept them to bring one friend if they ask. If there is a second meeting, nope....not on your life, she can eat (and they do) until she is bursting, that's ok but just her. We have all worked for what ever we have so why squander it on free loaders.


I actually believe in chaperon's while dating for many reasons. When I dated my late wife we always had one and I usually paid for them. I realize it is a different culture but if I noticed the chaperon taking advantage I would take the liberty of ordering for them or ask the girl to pick a different person next time.

Interesting post.

Personally guess I kinda categorize chaperones into two groups.

First the free loaders, for example when one meets a chick on say a dating site or it's just a number texted. Often they say can I bring my friends. This is more common in the cities, from person experience. If one goes this course expect a feeding frenzy and bring lots of money. Further don't be surprised if your ignored all night.

Secondly, most often encountered (but not exclusively) in more rural areas. Rather than the true chaperone I feel it's more to protect themselves against Chiz Miz which is all so important for them. Unfortunately this can and often does last a long time.

As said in a previous post I limit this so called chaperone to one date only. When I look back at previous girl friends there has been only few occasions of chaperone requests, free loaders frequently. It's easier to meet chicks causally, as an example my last long term GF was manager of a coffee shop (which I admit to a weakness here) so we met this way. I kinda figured she must have some nouse to have the job which proved correct. Still bit sad after 3 years did not work out but friends we remain.

Anyway nice to hear views.

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El Negrito

I agree with having someone of her and or your choosing to protect against "chismes" (Spanish use the same word spelled different I guess, so that is the Spanish).


Keeps the girl from saying you acted inappropriately or speculating that the relationship is more than it is until you get to know her and are sure she is the one you want to date. Either way I like the idea of a chaperon but if they freeload they get replaced quickly. And by freeload I don't mean I won't pay for them but if I offer to pay and the decide to order steak, lobster and everything else on the menu then we are done.

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