Wireless(Gsm) Desk Top Phone

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Call me bubba

in a previous post, My current wireless landline phone battery has passed away after 4yrs of faithful service,

 my plan A is to find a battery or "jerry rig" another battery to the old wire clip/snap

should this be unsuccessful,I need to have a Plan B


my plan B is to get a new Wireless desktop landline phone,

easier said than done it seems, as i did look this past week at Gloryette and had no success in finding one,

 that's why i am posting this, In case anyone has seen a unit like i am seeking?


in areas that 1 doesnt have a Wire for a normal telephone . 1 can use a "Wireless"phone

either via a regular cell phone or thru a wireless phone,


  reason for a desktop phone  not cell phone,

simply put,, its the children, if its a cellphone type unit. it could disappear or get misplaced

& the desktop 1.gives a small bit of normalcy 2, speaker phone function

 should any member see of know where i can find one. Please post


yes i am aware that i could order online, but, if i have a problem who would I turn too and 2nd is the issue of buyer beware when using some online sites here


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