Caraga Regional Science High School, Surigao City

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We moved from Houston, Texas last October. Our son was always A honor roll and in the Vanguard program, he took is exams and started 1st year at CARAGA Regional Science High School which is a public school in San Juan, Surigao City, Surigao Del Norte. Located on the northeastern tip of Mindanao. It is one of the highest rated High School programs in the Philippines. There are very high quality education that is available here. Our yearly Tuition is 750 pesos, because it is still a public school system. There are 2 required Filipino subjects taught in Tagalog, so your children will need language lessons no matter where they go to school. Do your research and you can good affordable quality education. Colleges here are excellent at about 10% of the cost of college Tuition in the States and Europe. Do your homework and plan on moving to were the good schools are. You can move to your dream property after the kids start college. The following URL is a write up of my son's High School. It explains the acceptance process, 4 year curiculem. The second URL is listings of different quality Schools located in the Philippines and will greatly assist in you research for the best schools for your children. Hope this helps and

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