Taxi Danger In Manila

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Call me bubba

seems that there is a new method of being robbed or worse riding in a taxi in manila

excuse the post as some of it is in Tagalog  



BEWARE! Would-be-victim barely escapes taxi driver’s criminal intent of letting an accomplice into the taxi while there is a passenger on board A would-be-victim was carrying marketing materials worth hundreds of thousands when she rode a taxi on her to way to Paseo de Roxas in Makati. According to the victim, as soon as she boarded the taxi, the driver would constantly talk to somebody on the phone, telling him (the person on the phone) that he was already close to where he was and all he had to do was go out and he (driver) will “hand over the money”. Instead of the chosen route, the driver insisted that they pass through a “shorter” route.


The victim was able to take pictures while the driver was texting his supposed “friend”

The driver then asked the passenger if he could let his friend in and he will just hand over some money. Sensing something was off, the passenger refused and said that she was already getting off.

Facebook user RJames Mendoza shares his friend’s experience as follows:

MAG-INGAT! (Beware!)

Please help me reach the authorities in reporting this suspicious driver…

- Nangongontrata bago ka pa sumakay ng taxi…

– The Plate Number and Taxi Corp printed at the left door is “

Princess D – UVE906″. The Cel Phone number of the Taxi Corp. lacks one digit.

– The Plate Number and Taxi Corp printed at the right door is “My Babe – UVV 893″

– The driver has NO ID for proper identification hung in front of the passenger seat.

– My friend boarded the taxi at Pasay LRT and is headed for Paseo De Roxas, Makati.

– The driver insisted on taking a different route even when there’s no congestion on the original route


– The driver consistenly calls his phone “Pare, asan ka na, lumabas ka na, iaabot ko tong pera sayo” (Where are you? Go out, I’ll hand over the money to you.)

- The driver insisted to use his route and claimed it to be a shortcut.


- He then will ask permission “Pwede ba dadaanan ko lang yung kaibigan ko, may aabot lang akong pera”. (The route he suggests will lead to where his friend is and not where the passenger is headed.)


- He called his friend again and then asked permission again, “Pwede ko ba isakay yung kaibigan ko, may iaabot lang akong pera.” (Can I pick up my friend? I’ll just give him some money.)

Sensing something fishy with the driver’s actions, my friend insisted “Kuya dito nalang ako”  (I’m getting off here.) but the driver insists “Hindi, okay lang po, derecho nalang to… Malapit na yung kaibigan ko tapos hahatid na kita”. (No, it’s okay, we’ll just go straight. My friend’s already around the corner then I’ll bring you to your destination.) But my friend insisted “Bababa nako… etong bayad, akina resibo” (I’m getting off. Here’s the fare money. Give me the receipt.)


Nagalit pa ang driver before my friend got off the cab… “Namemerwisyo kayo… Sasakay-sakay kayo, tapos di niyo itutuloy”… “Kuya eto nga bayad e diba, akina ang resibo, dito nako… May pasahero ka tapos kung sino sino pa dadaanan mo,” my friend said. (The driver was enraged before my friend got off the cab. “You wasted my time. You ride in my cab and then cancel it.” “Sir, here is my payment for the fare. Give me the receipt because I’m getting off here. I’m sure there are many passengers you can pick up on the way.)


My friend got off at Buendia and the taxi fare was already at PHP 150.00.


Take note, when my friend took the cab, may dala siyang mga expensive Marketing materials that costs hundreds of thousands… We later on found out about an incident wherein a taxi duo robbed and killed a passenger in the same area along taft…



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This is rather a scary situation. Luckily, the passenger (victim?\?) was on the ball and took some photos.

Hopefully Police will do something about it???

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