Earthquake In Northern Cebu Yesterday

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I have seen nothing in the press on this yet but Sunday we got hit by an earthquake in Bogo City in Northern Cebu.We heard a bang and then the ground trembled with an up and down movement, not side to side.At first I thought it was a bomb, then I thought earthquake and told my girl we better go outside in case there is more.On my way out the second wave hit and it was significantly longer. Jessie had gone down stairs to check on the kids and I had enough time to get back in the house to make sure she was getting out! Then I saw a terrified neighbor with his child in his arms trying to shield him from the falling buildings, luckily buildings that never fell.It registered 4.6 per the US government Sunday afternoon, might have been revised since then. After it was over, i was worried that it might have been centered far away and massive damage happened else where but it turned out to be centered about 10 miles north of Bogo City. So it turned out to be a minor rumble from the Pacific Ring of Fire. Was actually kind of exciting but I can deal with it not happening again. First one in this area in some time. Our 40 year old ya ya said she had never felt one here before.

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