Looking For A Used Ddr2 Socket 775 800Mhz Mb.

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Steve & Myrlita
Posted (edited)

Awhile ago, my MB decided to dive off the ship. It was an Asus P5KPL-LAN. I've looked all over town and online but the very few who have them are new and the lowest price is P3450. That is 3X what I paid back in 2011. Now let me anticipate your next question. Why not just upgrade to the DDR3? Because I have a Dual Core 3GHZ CPU, 4gb DDR2 800, and a GF8400 video DDR2. I would end up spending 6-8K pesos to replace those. At the same time, I'm not ok with spending 2X what I paid for my MB. That's why I'm hoping to find a used one in good working condition. Possibly from someone who maybe just upgraded. It doesn't have to be the exact Asus MB but that would be the easiest. No OS reload. I would appreciate this. TY.

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