The Philippine Family Dilemma, It Can Be A Divorce Maker

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So here is the question, assuming you are going to find or already have found a Philippine lady who is not from a very rich family.Do you or did you look for a lady who will shun her families requests? or a lady who family is everything? or maybe one who can balance it all for you? After all, is that not one of the reasons that many of us want a Filipina, because she was brought up to take care of her family and therefore will most likely have the values that you seek for her to take care of you and be loving and kind. IMO this is the 64 million dollar question in these type of relationships, and then when is enough, really enough?Many people have made or will make the same mistakes that I made during the earlier years of my marriage, and will be too generous and that will often just lead to waste or laziness, after all why work when money flows in for free. We have the same thing in the US only instead of family it is called welfare and I am not saying that all the people on welfare will fall into this taker category, but many do. It is all a catch 22 and there has to be a balance, so how did you find your balance?

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