How Many Brits Abroad How Many Are Here I Wonder

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So many British people live abroad that now the ‘immigration debate’ is about us


Ash&tha Nagesh for 6 Nov 2015 4:56 pm

gettyimages-172720383.jpg?w=748&h=500&cr(Picture: Getty Images)
Despite what Ukip would like us to think, most European migrants are British.
According to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the UK actually has a much greater proportion of citizens living overseas than any other European country.
That means we are the ones going over there, ‘tekkin thurr jahbs‘.
Around 3.97 million UK citizens were living abroad in 2010-11, and since then the numbers have grown.
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Globally, Britain was second only to Mexico – which had 12million citizens living in other countries.
And we beat China (3.90million), India (3.83million) and Germany (3.63million).
‘We normally think of the UK mainly as a destination for migrants, but it has a long history of emigration,’ Madeleine Sumption, the director of the University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory, told the Times.
‘The OECD data suggest that Brits are more mobile than many other countries with similar levels of development, like Germany, France or the United States.’
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In fact, the numbers of Brits living abroad has risen so much that the House of Lords is currently debating whether or not UK citizens overseas should be allowed to vote in the EU referendum.
And around 1.5million of those fleeing abroad are graduate level or post-secondary education, moving to places where there are greater economic opportunities.
So basically, exactly the same as the people who move here to work, pay taxes and integrate themselves into society.
Sorry Britain First. Sorry Ukip. But them’s the facts.
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Well for now England is my home, my work is here and all i know is here too,

But my heart is not here anymore,

If you are working class its hard , maybe its hard no matter where you may live but i dont know that ,

Being of a age where i have savings and a good life, no mortgage , but i still need to work to stay living here , but i do know that if anything does ever happen to me and i have to be taken in to care all that savings and maybe even the house will be used to pay for that care,

So called free health, you will aways have a roof over your head, you will always have a hot meal , well again if you are working class i some how dont think so,

Now if you are poor or so called living on the state , and always have well life is then good,

I cannot wait to move abroad to live , yes very frightening i must admit but i am sure i will be fine,

I wonder what changes there will be for when i make the move to when you made that move ,

Sorry to go off subject a little

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There is a very simple explanation for UK  citizens living abroad - the weather.  I love UK and have been there 6 times, the last time November/December and it was freezing and constantly raining.  The only place that is worse is Ireland, where it rained for the whole 7 days I was there!

The current stream of so called 'refugees' will, unless it is stopped, ruin the entire European economy and life as they know it - if it is not too late already.  Bleeding heart do gooders or 'humanitarians' as they try to call themselves,do not give a toss about the repercussions of their stupid ideologies.  

Let's see what unfolds, if this continues to occur, it will all go pear shape.

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 Brits Abroad How Many Are Here I Wonder

Now please everybody don`t say too many that would be unkind.

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 Brits Abroad How Many Are Here I Wonder

Now please everybody don`t say too many that would be unkind.


Well, I could go into the forum member's list A through Z and tally up all the Brits who signed up.  Perhaps the British membership is about 1% of total British foreigners in PI?  For example, for every 1000 Brits in PI, there are only 10 PEF members?


As one cute GRO would describe a foreigner: you're not too many, you are too huge.....he, he.  


Gotta love them Brits!

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I think one reason a lot of Brits are leaving the UK is because of all the immigrants moving into the UK from other countries like the middle east and such ..... JMHO .... at least that is what I have heard a lot of Brits complaining about .... :thumbsup:


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