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Tolerance is defined in the dictionary as "the acceptence of the different views of others" (Sadly something lacking in this world today)


:xmas_girl (1): Even when they they differ from mine and are therefor wrong. :hohoho_smiley: 


Gerald fair and   just a bit unbalanced,  not tipsy mind you. :cheersty:

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I had my computer crash the other and had to google this website to log in again. Well on the search page I came across a few other websites and looked at them.Well one was full of angry people who had nothing good to say about the phills. Another one was obviously paid by the tourist board that it was sickening that they were saying nothing wrong about the place actually quite the opposite.


At least I find on here we say it how it actually is. this place is not for everybody but many people are happy here and will stay. but if they listen to all the negatives they wont come and if they see a paid for basically advert they will be disappointed so this website and it`s owner needs a pat on the back for being objective well done people.



Yes Mate, I totally agree.  My day would not be complete without getting on the forum here and speaking to anonymous but friendly people with mostly sensible stuff to say.

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