Looking To Live Near The Sea In San Juan

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I know this may be a long shot, but I am now teaching English in Baguio to Koreans, and recently discovered San Juan by the sea (and my dream beach ha ha). I'm a semi-retired American with some SS Benes, some income from remote editing work, plus the teaching to Koreans (provides an apt + some salary).


I have 10 years of English teaching / program management experience to Europeans and Asians, TEFL/TESOL certified, and the climate in Baguio is not so good for my system: I came down with a serious case of bronchitis and the doc said better to not live on "damp foggy hill."


I'd like to live somewhere like San Juan as the beaches are so long and clean, and the sea air good for me. But I'd also like to continue teaching English..


so the 1st question: anyone know of any teaching work near San Juan?


and the 2nd: anyone know of a reasonable rent situation near San Juan/San Fernando. Must be CLEAN, QUIET with AIR CON and not too far from the San Juan beaches. Not on an expat salary, thus range $400-$500 per month.


(Just as an aside, I also worked before as a property manager for condos and apartment complexes in San Francisco, if anyone needs a trusting handyman live-in fella to watch over their property)


Thanks for any feedback.

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