Another Reason To Not Carry Too Much Cash

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Anyone know who he might be? It seems to me that I have read quite a few times where peoples wallets were taken while they lay dying or injured in the road. Maybe we need to carry an extra id hidden on us so if something does happen, at least someone would know who we were. I would hate to be injured and have them not want to treat me because there was no one there to pay the bill. I wonder what happens in circumstances like that? A foreign national, probably American, died after a delivery truck rammed his pick-up in Bacolod City, before dawn Tuesday.Police said a bread delivery truck driven by Framcos Ramirez rammed a pick-up while speeding along Lacson Street around 3 a.m.Investigators said they are having a hard time identifying the foreign national. They said they found two official receipts from the foreigner's vehicle, but the receipts were named under different American names -- Steven Harris and James Smith.Investigators added that the foreigner's wallet was also missing.Criminal charges were being readied against the delivery truck driver

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