Killing A Peson Because Someone Wants It To Happen

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It always amazes me how people can put their own foot in their own mouth. Of course we all have to realize that this was written in a newspaper, so it may not be true and this may not even be what that person really said, and I do not point this out with regards to politics in the Philippines or for any other reason but the one I state here.In radio interviews yesterday, Singson gave a new version of the story, saying it was not he who beat up his common law wife, Rachel "Che" Tiongson, but his "private detectives" who he said were about to kill Tiongson and her boyfriend.In his latest version of the wife-beating incident, Singson claimed that he went to see Tiongson merely to confront her, and that he left immediately. When he returned, he said Tiongson was already beaten up by his bodyguards or "private detectives" who were ready to kill Tiongson and her boyfriend, believing that this was what Singson had wanted.Now I have no idea if any of this is true or not but if true, this government employee just admitted that his body guards or whatever he wishes to call them, were going to kill people just because they thought that was what he wanted them to do, so in other words, all he has to do is think he wants someone dead and it can be made so by his employees. :wt-hell: Never mess with people in high up places. :as-if:

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