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NAIA was down for ~12 hours Sunday due to a power and equipment failure. Most air traffic communication and radar systems were offline aircraft were deverted away from MNL during that timeOne would expect authorities to learn exactly what equipment or situation caused the problem and then to find a permanent solution.However in the Philippines Face and avoiding blame is foremost as seen here." the reputation (of the country), especially, on the first timers to the Philippines, who are supposed to have a beautiful experience to come here in the Philippines, even before they can enter the airport, this thing happens,"In the news article it is revealing that the investigators first focus was who was not to blame and then to "find" the "ones" at fault."We will find out who were at fault and who should be made accountable because this goes against the principle of giving safety to our passengers,"I'm not bashing the Philippines. Here in the States we have serious issues with old FAA radar equipment all the time.NAIA blackout probe

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