They're STILL on about this BRT in Cebu. 10 Years Now.

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CCCI: No road widening, no BRT



THE Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is against canceling the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project and reiterated its stand that Cebu needs an intermodal mass transport system to address the needs of a growing community.

In a statement sent Monday, April 23, CCCI cited Cebu's need for a mass transport system, saying traffic congestion has affected "all sectors of society."

"It took more than 10 years for the BRT to go through its approval process, not to mention countless time and resources spent in the process," the business organization said.

With economists computing a 53 percent economic internal rate of return, the chamber said the project's benefits are clear and that the "project is ready to take off."

The chamber also said that road widening along the BRT routes should be an integral component of the project.

It acknowledged that the BRT is a short-term solution that is ready for implementation and that a light rail transit (LRT) will benefit a bigger volume of commuters over a wider area and that this should also be actively pursued and implemented "within the shortest possible time" to support Cebu's growing economy.

"LRT and BRT will complement each other," the chamber said.

"Cebu is in a crisis situation. Cebu Chamber would like to enjoin all sectors of society to set aside political differences and work together to solve the traffic problems in order to achieve our common desire to have a Cebu where quality family life and business shall flourish," the statement said



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I read the other day the mayor said it will not be cancelled but will have to find the link. Anyway a few years ago I worked on a road project in Australia which took about 25 years from first discussions to actually building it. 

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