U.S. Embassy Outreach Today, Social Security

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We went to the U.S. Embassy Outreach this morning, to meet with Social Security.  Everything went well and even though it is a bit early to file for benefits (My B-day is Sept. 15th), the applications for my kids and I are now filed.  They make it fairly easy and fill out the forms for you.  We have to follow-up with a copy of my wife's annulment, and our banking information, by e-mail.  My first full month of eligibility is October, so our first payment should be November 1.

The outreach was super busy.  I have been to 3 or 4 now, and this was the busiest.  They have cut back on the number of outreaches, so they are packing in more customers.  I got there about 0715 and was number 17 on the SS list.  Start time was 0800.  Went home to get the family, and when we got back at 0830, they had already called my name.  No problem; they helped us next.

There were lots of old fart foreigners with young kids, taking care of CRBAs, passports, SS, etc.  Oh crap, I'm one of the old farts.  IMHO, most looked a lot older than me and had younger wives than mine!

There were several PNP there, walking around asking if anybody knew somebody with a nickname "Hounddriver".  :mocking:

I'm very surprised how many go to these things and seem to be totally unaware of requirements for what they want to achieve.  I probably over prepare, doing lots of research, reaching out to SS beforehand, reading forum stories, etc., but many old guys don't seem to have a clue what they are doing and their Filipina partners are not much help.

This old guy (would guess 70) and his young girlfriend with a baby sucking on her tit sat down next to us at the SS table.  I heard the first part of the conversation and my wife filled me in on the rest.  I think I recognized the guy as he is tall, dark tan, and has a long white bushy ponytail.

Condensed version...

"I'm on SSDI and I want to get a payment for my son."

Is your son a U.S. Citizen?  "No, but he is my son."

Have you applied for his CRBA and passport?  "No, but he is my son."

Sir, I think you will need a DNA test.  "He is my DNA, he is my son".

Yes, but I believe a DNA test will be required to prove he is your son.  "He is my DNA.  I have no money.  How will I pay for it?"

I'm not sure sir, but I am certain one will be required.  "Who is going to help me?  He is my son!"

(Angry)  "I'm going to talk to so and so.  Somebody has to help me!"

The girlfriend was very dark skinned, flat nose, etc., as was the baby.  My wife said there was no way that baby was his!

As The World Turns.........................

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