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Cost of living

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For those collecting social security from the US, the 2019 COLA increase was just announced and will be 2.8 percent.  Not great but every bit helps.

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19 minutes ago, Mike J said:

I have been shocked at the increase in the price of dry dog and dry cat food.  Dog food has gone from 100 peso a kilo to 130 peso, cat food from 120 to 150.  Trying to keep them well fed with food that is good for their health and growth as puppies but may need to explore what options are available.  Gas prices haven't hurt too much as I drive a scooter for most of my miles.  

Here's the family recipe for Filipino style dog food. We had large ones at home and farm (Dobermans and German Shepherds).

Some markets sell large cattle bones for soup stock. The stock was used to cook rice and ground beef was added to the mix. My sisters insisted on adding "kang-kong" vegetables, but I don't think this Is necessary. Once a week, vitamins in powder form was added. After the bones had cooled, the dogs enjoyed chewing them. 

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19 hours ago, fillipino_wannabe said:

Plus the supermarkets are absolute shit here

Where is here to you? 

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