Greenbelt Mall Rob Suspects?:

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Anyone know who the Dutch owner is that owns the place and does anyone know what resort it is? killed in a shootout with NBI agents late yesterday afternoon in barangay Estaca in Compostela, 25 kilometers north of Cebu City.One other person had been taken into custody while another was said to have escaped.Among the dead was alleged ring leader Alvin Flores.The NBI agents were reportedly from Manila, fueling speculations that the victims were members of the gang that staged the daring holdup of a Rolex shop inside the Greenbelt 5 Mall in Makati last week and who may have fled to Cebu to cool their heels.Radio reports of the incident had been sketchy, as no one from the police nor the local NBI had been willing to talk or go on record.NBI regional director Medardo de Lemos, interviewed briefly on Radio DYSS, said the agents from Manila were pursuing at least six people.The victims were apparently staying at a house in Estaca surrounded by a high fence and reportedly owned by a foreigner.The resort was allegedly owned by a Dutch national but it is being taken care of by his Filipina wife

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