Why are they so quick to lose their temper.

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Why do they go psycho so quickly and often?  

Well, based on my marriage of 34 years to a devout Christian, mother of our 4 adult/children (youngest and oldest living with us now, along with a granddaughter), a parrot, two hamsters and two dogs.....Judy's goal in life is to run a tighter ship.  Occasionally, she would be kind enough to throw me a life vest.

Yeah, her right elbow jab to the rib cage is quick and deadly accurate.  Usually, she would blame the dog for the bad odor in the living room.  The odds are slowly working against me because as a senior citizen, my utots are getting really gross and I have to evacuate the room myself.  

By the way, I'm the other family dog.  Over the years, my dog house has been customized for long term occupancy, as I watch her through the kitchen window, sharpening her bolo knife once again.  

The bottom line.....it's in their blood and soul.  The typical Filipina is OA (overacting) and loves being a drama queen.  Look at their local soap operas on TV and movies for christ sake.  

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Kevin, I read your post aloud. My wife is laughing hysterically. That same laugh she uses (often) when I say or do something especially meaningful.:whistling:

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