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Even the Phil Army like buy 1 take 1's

scott h

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I have been married to a Pinay long enough to understand the mentality that if its free it has to be good. But for the life of me I dont know why the Phil army is all excited over a 3rd generation, wire guided TOW anti-tank missle? What the heck do they need them for? The NPA or communists have some old tanks rolling around I have not heard of? :89: What is even worst these thing will just bounce off chinese tanks :hystery:

The good news is that they can take out the M60A3 tanks that Taiwan has :thumbsup:

Sometimes, I just dont know :facepalm_80_anim_gif:


President's promise: US turns over weapons to Philippines | Philstar.com


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Also 24 MK-82 500 pound unguided bombs.  Borrow a plane from Cebu Pacific and drill a peep hole bombsite in floor, then have someone push the bombs out the open door.  What could possibly go wrong???  :hystery:

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