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Ive met up with Emily from Mercy in Action a couple of times in Cebu and when people are visiting on a trip for a wedding etc. They often email me asking if there is something they can do while here on the trip. So I take a bit of time out to interlink them into the projects Mercy in Action are involved in which to be honest leaves people with a changed outlook on life. So where is this conversation going?Well im starting to put a trip together for people out of the UK as a trial run and see how many people have a genuine interest in doing something to make a difference. Hopefully raising enough funds to "rebuild" a couple of village houses or refurbish a community centre. Now while doing this over the last few days I have been thinking about people like "us" who want to do something but really dont know where to put our time or money. So was thinking if others like me are willing to give up a bit of time and maybe get involved with projects or others may want to donate money. But maybe we can organise a trip locally amongst ourselves to do similar. Just throwing the idea out there right now see what feedback comes.. http://www.facebook.com/#/event.php?eid=189080593186&ref=mf (project advertised on facebook as an event).

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