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Has anyone obtained a UK settlement visa for Filipina spouse?

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I am a UK citizen. Pre pandemic my Filipina girlfriend and I travelled to the UK every summer for six months, commencing in 2013, returning to the Philippines each winter for six months. The first few visits my girlfriend was on a one year UK (six month total stay) Visit Visa. In 2017 she successfully obtained a 5 year UK Multi-entry Visit Visa but still limited to a maximum stay of six months in any 12 month period. We last returned to the Philippines in August 2019 and due to the pandemic have not been able to return to the UK since. Her current 5 year UK Visit visa expires in March 2022. We got married here in the Philippines in November 2019 and I have a 13A probationary visa. We are intending to return to the UK next April or May 2022 after I get my permanent 13A, and for various reasons, would like to stay in the UK for about 18 months or so. Rather than apply for another 5 year tourist visa for my wife, I am considering applying for a Spousal Visa which will give us much more flexibility in our travel arrangements. Have any fellow UK forumites applied for a Spousal Visa for their wife? Were there any particular official obstacles thrown in the way of the application? I am currently researching the UK Immigration requirements but as I found out in my various visa applications (both successful and initially, unsuccessful) for my wife (then girlfriend) that the official published requirements don’t really reflect the true application process! Any information or tips on your experience would be gratefully received.

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I brought my first Filipina wife (and subsequently, her two children) to the UK, but many years ago, so not really relevant to todays much more onerous and EXPENSIVE hurdles to overcome.

However, I do think that your intended's good record of entering and LEAVING the UK on so many prevíous occasions can only greatly help in any application... no matter what is said about tourist/visitor visas not influencing the spouse visa application. ( You need to point this out in the notes section on the application form)

The requirements are pretty straightforward (financial, accommodation, English proficiency, etc) , and it is my understanding that provided you and your partner are able to meet those basic requirements, there will be no reason for refusal.  

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Thanks Graham. That’s good to know. I am quite optimistic we meet all the requirements………..but these days you never quite know when a curved ball can come flying in our direction!

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Good luck sir. It sounds like you have nothing to fear but a big dip in your bank balance. 

Strictly speaking it's your partner who is supposed to be filling out the application form of course... but I found it much easier for me to do that part, and for her to just sign it. :wink:

There are a couple of good British-Phils forums based in the UK, if you want to chat with those who've recently gone through the process...and pick some brains.  

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