You like it WET? 12-19 April in Pattaya TH, every year

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Songkran, a word hated by Thailand expats, and loved by many tourists who come year after year, to get really WET (or join in the 'fun')

Before 2020, hordes of thai expats would seek refugee in Angeles, or other place in the Philippines, in this period.

Fun loving tourist (those who never grew up), are going to Thailand and Pattaya this time of the year, every year.

Water guns, ice cold water, mix in talcum powder and anything else (listen to 2nd video, what else in the mix). Some rent 5,000 - 10,000 liter water trucks!

This utter madness goes on every day, until 19th April, until very late in the evening.

We (fools) who live here, stock up the fridge, water, alcohol, sign up for netflix and or prime video, and try to keep sane, stay indoors 24/7, until the 20th of April.

Anyone who dare to leave their home, have a 99% probability to be soaked in ice cold water and anything else, mostly from high power water guns ... within minutes.

No exceptions, even people dressed up in business attire for meetings etc, all get soaked. Same if you drive a motorcycle!

All people seems to be extremely intoxicated from early hours until midnight.

Road accidents and deaths peak (deadly 7 days), and hospitals are all filled to the brim door with patient with eye damage or infection in addition.





Listen to the comments in video #2 below



Photos from Yahoo search







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I was in Pattaya for Songcram after Cobra Gold exercises back in the late 80s. What a crazy time, made the mistake of hitting a cop on a motorcycle with a water balloon, he fell off and came back to the bar yelling in Thai, fortunately the bargirls lied and said the guy who did it ran off.

Another interesting anecdote for anyone that knows a little military history, was at this same bar there was a middle eastern man wearing the Arab white sheet and head scarf. He was buying all of our beers and unlimited water balloon supply. I asked him what he was doing in Thailand and he said in the queens english “I’m here to buy weapons for the Afghani freedom fighters” I didn’t think about it until years later after 9/11 that this guy could have been a Bin Laden associate.

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hk blues

We were in Phuket for the festival when my son was only 2 back in 2014 or 2015.  Was a lot of fun even if really wet and messy with the stuff they threw. To be honest, we didn't realise it was New Year when we went there so it was a pleasant surprise.

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