Throwback to That Time Sir Michael Caine Was Mistaken for a Philippine Drug Dealer

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Sir Michael Caine is one of the greatest and most magnetic actors of his time, a true titan of cinema in every sense of the word. Throughout the course of more than 60 years, he's shot hundreds of films all around the world. Yes, he's been in the Philippines, too. And funny enough, he has quite a story to tell about his time in the country.

On The Graham Norton Show back in 2017, Caine was a guest, together with Morgan Freedom, Gemma Whelan, and Jack Whitehall, among others. Of course, his signature cockney accent was the subject of jokes and conversation.

The performer said that nobody could ever top Tom Hanks' version. Graham Norton, too, quipped that "Michael Caine" with that accent sounded a lot like "my cocaine." This led him to reminisce about his days spent in the Philippines, and the hilarious story about the time he was mistaken for a drug dealer here.

I was making a picture in the Philippines, I'm in Manila and we were invited to this very posh, expensive house for a party," he said, explaining how the hostess at the party was looking at him all evening with a look of contempt.

Eventually, Caine went over to her. "I went over to her and she said, ‘Are you a drug dealer?’ I said, ‘No, why do you ask?’"

He continued: "She said, ‘Why is everyone calling you, 'My Cocaine?’"

Chances are, Caine was in the Philippines for the 1970 war film Too Late the Hero, where he starred alongside Henry Fonda and Cliff Robertson. It was mostly shot in Boracay and Subic in 1969.

"You know that story's true because you couldn't make it up!" he concluded.

An interesting mix-up, to say the least.


Throwback to That Time Sir Michael Caine Was Mistaken for a Philippine Drug Dealer (



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