Mactan airport goes ‘silent’

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Wife and I went through Charles De Gaulle probably 15 years ago and found the "going silent" thing a bit eerie. We took the train to the airport, rode a long escalator to a lower floor, and walked into a huge terminal with hardly a sound to be heard. Gone were the "no smoking warnings", or "Mr Smith please pick up a red phone" or "Flt 435 will be at gate 10 in 5 minutes" announcements. Nothing. You ended up with clumps of passengers staring at the message boards located overhead for extended periods of time. It was quiet enough that you could almost hear peoples shoes as they walked across the carpet. 



CEBU CITY, Philippines — In a bid to further enhance passenger experience, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) will be going silent.

Stakeholders at the country’s second busiest airport rolled out its campaign of becoming a silent airport, which has become a trend among leading airports worldwide.

MCIA is also the country’s first to transition to a silent airport, a practice that has already been adapted in other popular airports like the Singapore Changi Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

“Our goal is to ensure that the passenger journey at MCIA aligns with global standards, inspiring foreign visitors to choose us as their gateway to discover the Philippines,” MCIA CEO Athanasios Titonis said.

In a silent airport, visual displays and cues are utilized over verbal, loud announcements to provide a relaxing and stress-free environment for passengers.

This means that in Mactan-Cebu airport, staff and officers will be using electronic signages and even mobile notifications to disseminate essential information such as boarding times, gate adjustments and security notices.

The silent airport trend in MCIA began last January, said airport corporate affairs and branding manager Dee Verano.

Aside from doing away with loud-speaker-based announcements, the silent airport also meant that passengers and locators are encouraged to minimize noises.

“We’re doing our best to align everyone in the airport,” Verano added. 


Mactan airport goes ‘silent’ (

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We returned home from Mactan Airport last week. I don't recall any announcements the entire time we were there.

Another nice feature were two fast food and one nicer food outlets were open at 11PM. Outside there is a small fresh juice vendor near the departure entrance that is amazing. The prices were fair as well.


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