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I hope it is ok to post this.  In various topics I have mentioned this Pacific Cross agent.  I have not done business with him, yet, but I have chatted with him.  Everyone is always asking about medical insurance, so I figure many here could benefit from all of his info.  I have nothing to gain.  He seems like the real deal, a solid guy.

He gets rave reviews from expats on an Angeles City expat group I am in, and I have chatted with him, so that is what I base my opinion on.  No high pressure sales tactics.  He and his assistant are there to go to bat for their clients, at check-in, emergencies, checkout, etc.  I have seen him help people who are not his clients too.  He is tight with Pacific Cross senior management, which helps if there is a problem.  In this FB link, it shows that he is now partnered (not sure in which way) with PRA.

His business FB is:

Lots of questions and answers there too.

Hopes this helps someone.

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