Parts To Repair Office Chairs

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If any of you are like me, and weigh more than the average Filipino, heck I weigh more than double :thumbs-up-smile: so the star on the bottom of my office chair broke one day when I leaned back on it and I ended up on the floor and luckily did not get badly hurt but I did hit my head on the floor so be forewarned and buy a good chair to start with, but if you were like me and did not find a top of the line chair then maybe you will need a base or a piston, I was lucky enough to find a place that sold me an executive chair star base which is much larger than the original and it only cost me p750 installed. Below is the place we were lucky enough to find what we needed.Cebu Progress Commercial Corner of Colon and Climaco Streets 418 4901 or 418 4102 closed for lunch 12 to 1:30

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