Giant Fish Tales :) While Diving

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Mr Lee

Since one member joined recently with a picture in his avatar of a giant fish and I just got an email with a link to some giant fish that have been caught, I thought I would share the link for others to know what they might be missing out on.   SugarwareZ-004.gif and the below jelly fish really amazed me and since I used to be an avid deep sea diver, I am sure glad I never met up with one of those or even some of the others at This giant fish caught link. I did once meet up with a much larger barracuda than the one in the middle below picture while diving on a ship wreck and it felt the need to come almost face to face with me at a depth of about 97 feet and that was neat as heck and I did see a Grouper which was hiding in the ships hold as I shined my flashlight in on another dive on the same ship and which I am pretty sure was much bigger than the one below in the picture on the right, but I did not wish to go into the hold while he was there in case he got spooked and tried to flee and I might just happen to be in his way and end up bounced. There are many neat fish to see in the ocean and IMO the ocean is a paradise that everyone should try to see at least once in their lives.




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