Friday The 13Th / August Ghost Month

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Mr Lee

Why is there such strong superstitions of ghost in the Philippines? Not that I am saying they do not exist. August chamber, ghost chamber?  Lawmakers should consider themselves lucky there is no session today, Friday the 13th, that ominously fell on the so-called “ghost month” when unwanted spirits bring illfate to new undertakings.  Otherwise, it would have been a double whammy of bad luck for bills they would have filed this Friday. That is, if Western and Oriental superstitious beliefs about unfavorable days in the calendar are to be observed.  Both bad luck periods are claimed to be caused by “lost spirits” that, based on accounts of House of Representatives old-timers, abound the Batasang Pambansa building in Quezon City.  There have been countless sightings made by employees, congressmen, and even media personnel in certain areas of the august chamber that could very well transform into a “ghost chamber.”


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