Manny Cuts Like A Knife

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Mr. Pacquiao, who was picking at the lechon and chewing on lanzones, a tropical fruit, abruptly stopped eating when the governor stood up and Mr. Pacquiao spotted a switchblade knife in the governor’s right pants pocket. Plucking it out before the governor had noticed, Mr. Pacquiao repeatedly folded and unfolded the switchblade, testing its sharpness with his index finger. “This is dangerous for children,” he said. Taking back the knife, the governor showed him how to whip it out of his pocket so that the blade unfolded in a single motion. “Even if my opponent has this,” Mr. Pacquiao said, “I can beat him as long as he’s physically close to me.” The governor gave him the switchblade to keep. “You can thrust it into somebody,” the governor told the new congressman, “and just leave it in there.”
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