Supreme Court Rips Nbi Over Stupid Decsion

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Posted of the first cases I saw when I moved to the Philippines was a gang rape case. There was a lot of evidence that the man was not guilty. I think he was military and the Embassy did come to his rescue and got him out of the country. But there was another case, where there was ample evidence that the witness testimony against him was bogus. Still he was convicted and in prison here for 20 years rape.Was a scary read. I decided then it was a bad move to be alone with a Filipina that I didn't know very well and even then, it is risky. Nothing dumber than a man with lust inspired love in his eyes blinding him from the truth, rather he can see only what he wants too. Lust, love, combination, whatever. I can't be the only man that has ever been duped by a woman. Only after divorcing my two wives, did my vision clear and I saw what a complete duffus, living in denial I had been.I had seen so many places on forums that saying the courts tend to rule against foreigners. But in this case, all the defendants were Filipino. Hey, it happens in US courts, someone is dead, someone needs to pay!That article for that link is hard to follow, with so many names but the accused was clear in the USA. His passport had been stamped and he bought a car there. He even got traffic tickets during the time. Yet the Regional Trial Court convicted the pinoy and the court of appeals upheld it. The supreme court seemed baffled by the lower courts decisions.I'm not wiling to say that there is not a bias in the courts in the Philippines toward foreigners. Twice I have seen prosecutors say "especially foreigners" when enforcing law. I know of a case where a resort owner was tossed off his leased land. It appeared the courts drug their feet and then ruled the statute of limitations had expired. This is after the guy spent millions building the place up, turned it into a profit making place and then the family wanted it back. The resort owner was a foreigner. But the family owning the land, they had political ties. Perhaps the outcome would have been the same no matter who owned the lease. The ruling looked bogus to me but I don't know the Philippine legal system, takes longer than a couple of years looking in as a complete layman. I have training in the law, law of the USA but still not a lawyer. However that training could easily taint my views of what happens here as my understanding is different. My basic knowledge is different.So maybe we are all to quick and I have been guilty of it too when I feel as if the courts are biased against foreigners. Look at what happened to these men and they are Filipino! The court seems to be saying what happened is ridiculous, not me!Hmm maybe I should have made this a blog post.....
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