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Mr Lee
wt-hell.gif So she was raped for over a year and on every day except weekends and holidays and no one noticed anything about her behavior for all that time, and then the victims sister noticed something was different about her, such as maybe she was pregnant. 89.gif So while they did not write that she was pregnant, what was different about her that was not different all that time? kidding.gif Sorry but I would never hire an underage maid, and besides that by Philippines law, him just being alone with her REPUBLIC ACT NO. 7610 was illegal assuming he was at least 10 years older than her, which might be a reasonable assumption since he was married and had children, yet now he is supposed to be dead but no death certificate, so I wonder who killed him? Ahhh the PHL news is so delightful to read and makes a lot of sense. as-if.gif I wonder if either he or his ghost will show up in court. SugarwareZ-037.gif
The victim added she was raped by the accused every time they were alone in the house from November 14, 2008 until December 17, 2009 except Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays when the children of her employers have classes.She was not able to tell somebody, she said, because she was threatened.The victim also claimed that on February 9, 2009 her employer forced her to sign a document stating that she agreed or consented with the sexual contact. She said her employer threatened she will be put to jail if she will not stand by what is stated in the document. It was the victim’s sister that triggered her to confess about her ordeal when the sister noticed something different about her.
The complete story HERE
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