Major Govt Cover Up, So Who Was In Charge Of It?

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It would be nice if these people would name names and not just say a high ranking govt official. So did this go all the way to the top as I suspect it may have? She also received a phone call from a high ranking government official who instructed her to drop her investigative work.Suspicious transfer of funds In Mendoza’s court testimony, she revealed that she unearthed a suspicious transfer of funds from the AFP’s Land Bank account to a private bank. The payee was the AFP Inter-Agency Trust Fund. The transaction involving P200 million was made on November 28, 2002.In the private bank, it was made to appear that the amount was deposited in only one account. However, the account had two passbooks, one which showed a deposit of P100 million, and the other, P50 million.Mendoza testified how she discovered the other bank book showing P50 million, but it seemed falsified as the deposit entry was not machine validated, as the usual practice, but was typewritten. There was also no record of the deposit when she had checked the private bank’s branch.Also, Mendoza testified how the inter-agency account in the private bank was not booked, thus, the transfer of cash was not reflected in the AFP’s books of accounts.Asked if she believed the prosecution had the evidence to convict Garcia, Mendoza said: “Well, I have to qualify this. I’m not a lawyer, I’m a public accountant by profession, but I have a solid 20 years of service from the Commission on Audit. In my experience, I have always been successful in all the cases that I filed in the Sandiganbayan, one of which has already been affirmed in the Supreme Court. I also did a lot of trainings in financial and fraud investigation in the Office of the Ombudsman, including the Office of the Special Prosecutor. So, I think when I say I have gathered the evidence, I am confident that, yes, we have the evidence. But with the appreciation of the evidence, of course, I have to leave it to the respective courts." The full story HERE

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