Foreigners Scamming Locals

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This might explain how some foreigners support themselves while living in the PHL, using the old scams they probably used back home. How can someone have the heart to rip off a local business person? Marzon, cashier of Metro Gaisano, said that on January 23, 2009 at around 7:00 p.m. the three accused went to her station to pay for three pieces of key holders. After paying the key holders, one of the accused asked her to exchange her 10 pieces P100 bills into P1,000.Marzon said she got a bundle of P1,000 bills from the cash register but the accused requested to choose from the bills because she wants a serial number that starts with letter F.The accused explained that she wanted it for a souvenir prompting Marzon to heed the request. Marzon said that while the female accused was allegedly looking for the bill with serial number that starts with letter F, her two male companions were also distracting her.Without her knowing, the accused got a total of P24,000 from the bundle. Marzon said she only noticed it when she remitted her total sales at the vault. Marzon later recognized the accused when they were arrested on February 5, 2009 in Mandaue City. Using the same modus operandi the accused were arrested in Super Metro Mandaue.–The complete story HERE

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