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Since I am considering purchasing a used car/minicab, I searched for a GPS. I came across this site . They have a free map of the Philippines that is compatible with Garmin GPS units and Garmin software. I am going to pick up a Garmin GPS in the states and use the map from I also intend to provide data so that the map will become even better. This will also allow me to gain access to the most recent mapI also found the following post, which I suspect correctly summaries the current situation in the Philippines. I am not sure what the Papago and CDRKing GPS are sold for. A Garmin with lifetime NA maps is better choice for me. Much cheaper than paying $12/day to rent a GPS from an auto rental firm.

Though there are many GPS units being sold now here in the Philippines, they vary in terms of the details and capabilities of the map that they come with or that you can buy for them. Examples:1. China made generic GPS (have no idea about their maps)2. Papago GPS (with maps that is quite okay being it's based on RG map)3. CDRking GPS (similar to no. 2, licensed by Papago)4. AVT (developed their own map with a local map maker)5. etc. etc.6. Forgot GarminIf you want the most accurate Philippine Map to date, then you have to go with Roadguide's contributor's map and in order for you to use it, you'd have to go with a Garmin model that is compatible with the RG map. Hehehe, see what I did there. Instead of us saying that our map is compatible with Garmin, I'm saying Garmin is Compatible with our map smile.gif Long story short, as of now, the only free routable maps available for the Philippines are those that Garmin is compatible with.
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