Honasan: Phl Not Ready For A 'gunless Society'

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Interesting comments by a senator. It would seem that even government officials know that the situation is deteriorating and that people have a right to defend themselves when the govt can't. I totally agree and if we lived in a house instead of a condo with armed guards, then you could bet your arse that we would at least like to have a gun at home. Sen. Gregorio Honasan yesterday said the Philippines is not yet ready to be a “gunless society” because the government is still unable to ensure the safety of the citizens from lawless elements. “A gunless society can only exist if the government can protect the citizens,” he said in a news forum in Quezon City.Honasan, chairman of the Senate committee on public order and illegal drugs, said law and order in the country has deteriorated to a point where there is confusion on who should be in charge of the rising criminality. “Who is in charge? The Department of National Defense, the Philippine National Police?” he said. A bus was recently bombed in Makati City, killing five and wounding several others. Two car traders were also recently killed. Honasan also said law enforcement agencies merely react to terror attacks and high-profile crimes instead of preventing them. Because of this, he said, calls for a total gun ban and the revival of the death penalty will not deter criminal and terror activities in the country.The original story HEREAnd this story goes along with it. Armed and dangerous: more civilians own guns than military, police and the debate goes on.

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