2 Chinese Nationals Caught For Chemical Load

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Well this confirms that they xray luggage, and also that customs must be trained well to know who to stop to question. Think they could have been tipped off by the country these two left? The world is getting smaller all the time and with todays technology, they can even tell how much money a person is carrying while walking past a detector. Yes I know this for a fact, but I doubt they have those machines in the Philippines. CEBU CITY -- Two Chinese nationals were apprehended at Mactan Cebu International Airport on Wednesday after they were found carrying three kilos of ephedrine, a chemical used in making several substances, including shabu.What first got the authorities' attention was not the ephedrine, but the US$20,000 that one of the arrivals, Xiuyu Tan, allegedly failed to declare.The complete story HEREAhhh, now they say it was a drug sniffing dog that caught them. HERE

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