5 Gallon Bottle Drinking Water Pump

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I made an interesting find in Cebu City, that some of you might be interested in. Member Frank brought me one of those pumps for our 5 gallon drinking water bottle all the way from the US because he wanted one for himself in his condo and thought I might as well. So the other day upstairs in Ayala in the new section, we were at the money changer there next to Sky Cable and Western Union and we decided to enter Metro Guisano from there, and then on the left side as we were entering the store, and on a shelf were the very same pumps, but on sale for only p99, so if you are looking for one, and they are very convenient to use, check them out up there and hopefully they will still be on sale.Water pump412EDS5A6KL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

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