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Papa Carl

In case any of you are wondering about my moniker picture, it comes from the movie Up by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney productions, which I did not know about until one of my agents sent me pictures. As my wifes name is Ellie and mine is Carl it seemed like a good moniker for me to use, and as she is such an important part of my life. We were sitting here Sunday, relaxing and watching the movie again, (for I believe the 4th or 5th time). It is a great little movie and recommend it to everyone.It is also very appropriate for this forum, as it is about lives adventures, and taking on challenges etc etc, as its main character Carl keeps a promise to his deceased wife, and takes on a new challenge in a different country.Happy watching everyone, would love to hear your comments about this film, or any other film, or book you would like to comment about.Papa

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