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Alright, ate at the TGIF again but decided to get some fish and chips instead of the burgers I had the last two times, which were good. The share portion fish and chips. 300 and another, who had the same. Two coke zeros in a can. The food? funny-pictures-puke-kitty-11x.jpg Soggy little chicken finger things...about 5 of them with a small portion of fries. I'd hate to see the regular portion...guess the ocean is running out of fish. Absolutely brutal tasting, not fresh at all and obviously a reheat from a day ago. I complained after the server asked how was the food? She did tell the manager...and yet another reason why the west > 3rd world...I would of received my money back for the crap, as I said WTF? after the first look, and a WTF? after the first bite. The kicker was the bill total....over 800 pesos as it included a service charge and VAT. Vat for crap....the new slogan. Told them despite the superman statue and his pornstar type bulge, that would be my last time eating in that place. I'm eating at the local place down the road with AC and great local food (and disco karaoke), or cooking at home from now on...until a Casa Verde comes to town. Will review the Davao metro card club and my first tourny there later this week. .it was awesome.

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