Facebook Users Raise Alarm Over Posting Of Confidential Phone #'s

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Mr Lee

And yet another thing people need to be careful of if they use Facebook, and especially if children or women are using it with their phones. Although Facebook denies this, it seems many users are finding it to be true, for one reason or another, and how those phone numbers will be used is anyone's guess. Be careful what information you post or allow them to have, or it might end up causing you problems. While I think Facebook claims only you can see your numbers, I am guessing they may also be available to those you share with, and besides that, hackers seem to be gaining access to almost everything nowadays, so the best advice from my POV might be not allowing too much info to be on your page in the first place. All the phone numbers in your phone are now on Facebook, warns an alarmed statement making the rounds on the social network, and the numbers are there whether you've allowed the site access to them or not. Facebook adamantly denied that the confidential phone numbers of friends and family are freely accessible online, as many have worried. The company posted a statement to its site at the end of the day to address user concerns.

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