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A reminder to know the law or risks

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On 11/8/2017 at 5:56 AM, MikeB said:

"Could I have been arrested, fined, imprisoned, black listed? "

You can always be arrested, etc..... but, according to the law, it wouldn't stand up. That last sentence, beginning with "or", is your get out of jail card. It seems to mean that if the relationship is "innocent" the law will not apply. If, for example, you are with spouse 10 years younger or taking a friend's minor child to church or wherever it doesn't apply. That's the way I read it. Leaving the determination completely up to the police and court. Good thing all the authorities are well paid professionals interested only in doing the right thing.

Sorry, wrong information. A spouse is 1st degree affinity so you would be fine providing you had proof of marriage.

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