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The Place Where We Want To Live



Finding a place for retirement is a complex issue. We do not want to live in a big city. However, we must be able to quickly get to the big city to get access to medicine or the airport. We were on Luzon, Mindoro, Mindanao, Bohol and Cebu. On each was that like and what does not fit. But the closest we fit Cebu. There is an international airport, medical, banks, large supermarkets and 2-3 hour accessibility by car pretty rural villages where there is little noise, pure nature, life is cheap and good diving. Yes, perhaps this is what we need.

It is so small 3-4 hours by car, that probably does not matter where to stay to live in the south of the island of Cebu. But at the last visit to the island of Cebu where we visited Maolboal we loved. We also found a few nice houses and lots to buy or rent, but decided to defer a final decision until the next trip which I hope will be soon. It's warm, and we have more sleet and cold.

Business looking for a buyer if there is a wish - welcome: 0)))))

And while working with a hired manager, but it still does not work like me or my husband. I guess it's okay, I do not know. I very much hope that our transition to the Philippines will not take more than 2 years.

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I was reading your post with interest as my wife and I went through basically the same decision process on where to live.  I have submitted a retirement date to my employer of September 1 of this year and we will be moving to Moalboal.  Who knows, we may run into each other at some future time.  Wishing you the best as you move forward with your plans.

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Thanks for the feedback. Your date of retirement is closer than ours. We only do organizational issues and fly at 3-4 weeks of vacation. Here and now, even in the month of May will fly Moalboal, to look around the place for a possible acquisition or construction of a house in the future.

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Hi Elena, found your post very interesting, and wondered if you have considered up in Pampanga, somewhere outside of Angeles, (Clark Airport, International), or Subic which also has an airport. Because both are Freeport Zones they have some of the best facilities in the Philippines. Medical City has just broken ground on a  new hospital for Clark, and there are some excellent hospitals in Angeles.

There are some beautiful beaches all along the coast up through San Fernando etc.


Just a thought


Papa Carl

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