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Problems With Opening An Account



Have a problem to open a current account in a Philippine bank. I sent an inquiry to several major Philippine banks and all denied me in the remote account opening. You need only personal presence. In addition 3 of 5 banks have requested the local ID, which can be obtained after 3-4 months to find in the Philippines. A month will be in Cebu, go to the bank are the two that do not require ID. If you manage to open an account without ID will write where.

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you must have an ID no exceptions, good luck on opening 1 w/out.

 remote account opening,., slim to impossible...\

TRY BPI they can do it if your at the right BPI remittance office

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I have a good friend who is the Manager of a China Bank in Manila, he helped me open my account while not there.


I don't know if there are any China Bank in Cebu?


Papa Carl

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