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U.S. Passport Renewal For A Child In PH

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I posted about renewing Philippines passports at DFA.  Now I have to renew my 5 year old's U.S. passport and I am planning to do it at the upcoming U.S. Embassy Outreach here in the Freeport on June 21.

My wife and I were chatting about the Philippines DFA requirements for a child's passport renewal, and we both thought they were a bit of overkill!  Shouldn't the old passport, application and personal appearance be enough?  I said I thought that is what the U.S. would be.

Wrong!  Talk about overkill.  Renewing a child's U.S. passport here in the Philippines requires a stack of papers.  I guess they think another kid could be substituted????  :571c66d400c8c_1(103):

Here is the checklist that must be completed and signed:


The one item I found amazing is that you have to submit a photo record of growing up pictures since the last passport!  I kind of see some logic as the first passport is usually a baby picture, but is there so much fraud out there that they have to make you submit growing up pictures???  :bash:

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