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A quick update.....have been on trail of this.When the family of low life larva of fly ('maggot ' did upset some folk) heard the news there was a rapid evacuation of where they lived. All disappeared into night.....Lleyte I believe the destination.However, the girl was due to give birth mid October but now has problems with 'blood count'...too low...and, seriously here, either or both of their lives could be at risk at birth.It has been recommended (stressed) she go to give birth at a 'specialist' hospital in city as opposed to the normal routine.Now, the cost could range between 50,000 to 200,000 pesos depending on severity of situation. Her family can't afford that.Where does this maggot become accountable for that? It's his kid...he ###### an underage there's possibly fatal consequences.Any advice, ideas?
Would going the PSCO( i think thats the name)(philippine sweepstakes charity office) be able to assist? or the "local" congressman?I have read over the years they have "money" to give, but actually getting some of it maybe a differnt matter? does the family of the child have philhealth? that may help some.maybe a Teaching or government ( PGH type) hospital can assist?in manila I had read lately about a nuns organiztion that helps young mothers who are pregnant (near sta mesa ,manila,i believe) sorry but unable to recall the name, they do help place the infants so they can be adopted if the situation of luck in this .
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