The True Cost Of Cheap Labor

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It is with regret that I feel the need to report that things did not go exactly as planned. The rebuilding work on my truck body went on for 8 weeks. At that point I told the men they need to put it back together. While the repair job is all good work, the men are what I would have to call 'perfectionists'. That means they are dragging the job out being extremely finicky over every little detail and thus losing track of the budget for the big picture. I thought for a while that they were dragging it out to keep the pay coming but when I dismissed them, they both had other jobs at similar pay the same day. So I did not get upset, even though I am now driving around with a half finished car dressed in green primer paint. I will take a couple months to get over it and replenish my budget and then I will have the boys 'round to put another month into it. The labor is cheap enough. They like doing it. Its the materials that cost, such as a tank of acetylene at 2K pesos and a tank of oxygen at 1K pesos and these only last a few weeks. So if anyone wants body work done, call a shop, do it yourself, anything except getting relatives to do it for you.
where are the before, durring , & after pictures ????
Yeah Dave, you said they do such good work! So now, show us the pics! I showed you mine in my OP above!
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